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A while ago, I entered The Angels of Islington into the SilverWood-Kobo-Berforts Open Day Writing Competition, today I was told it had been shortlisted among 7 others. I must be doing something right!

I get to hear towards the end of April if I’ve made the final list.

Edit: 22nd April – As I was about to fly back from Turkey, I thought I’d do a quick check of my emails before switching to aeroplane mode, and spotted the email from Silverwood Books. My heart quickened, but I immediately thought, I won’t be on the list, so, preparing for disappointment, or at least, not expecting my name to appear, I opened the email, just to get it over with. It took a while for the slow wifi to kick in. Then.

My name appeared! Wait, what?

I had made the final three! Oh my God, how did that happen?

I still can’t quite believe it. It’s very satisfying, yet humbling, to think that other people believe my writing is worthwhile. Still in shock…

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