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The Angels of Islington Front CoverThis is not a sparkly vampire story

A gripping debut novel following in the footsteps of Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite with a touch of the sardonic. The Angels of Islington is a tongue-in-cheek romp through the world of a group of vampires who have successfully integrated themselves into the goth scene of nineties London.

This is the first book of its kind to be set within the London goth scene; originally written in the late nineties, it provides a snapshot of the scene at that time, through the lens of gothic literature.

Sales Copy

Onyx, Demon, Spider and Storm are vampires.

They hide from an ancient enemy within the recesses of a Victorian warehouse situated in the heart of London that houses a club night known to its denizens as ‘Slimelight’.
But all is not as it seems.

Immersed within the goth subculture where music, alcohol and blood flows abundantly, they are unaware that something is plotting revenge, and in order to survive, they must each find a new inner strength and, hopefully, sober up.
This is not a sparkly vampire story.

According to The Bookseller (5428, April 2010), “Vampire literature isn’t undead yet…Sam George [Hertford University] said that the reason the genre is so pervasive is because, like its mythical subject, it refused to die.” It is rebranded and updated with each new generation of writer. Here the author has cleverly integrated vampire folklore with everyday events on the goth scene, mixing the fantastical with the inane, in a way which is both subtle and clever.

“… an action-packed horror tale full of descriptions of beautiful people living monstrous lives in grubby locations.” —Simon Satori, The Blogging Goth

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About the Author

Sarah Channing Wright was born in 1975 in Exeter, UK. In 1996 she escaped to London and found herself quickly drawn into the goth subculture of London. Whilst there, she was inspired by the books of Anne Rice, Poppy Z Brite and her friends in the goth scene to write a vampire story based around the scene at the time.

A qualified graphic designer, publisher and Egyptologist, she now lives in a small house in Cambridge with a spiral staircase. She is obsessed with cats but sadly doesn’t own one.

The Angels of Islington - FormatsBook Information

Publication Date: 12.12.14
RRP: £6.99
ISBN: 978 1 5024 3139 4
Market: Vampire Fiction
Format: 8″ x 5.25″
Extent: 200pp
Binding: Paperback
Selling Territories: Worldwide

Also available on Kindle and other formats to be confirmed.


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Sat 28th February 2014 3–6pm

Conversation & Presentation Talk, Books Signing and Socialising

Featuring me talking about The Angels of Islington and A J Blakemont talking about his new book THE GOTHIC: 250 years of success.

More information on the Meetup page and Facebook event.

Reviews and Endorsements

Simon Satori, Guest Review – “The Angels of Islington” by Sarah Channing Wright, The Blogging Goth (8th October 2014)

Think you remember the 90s goth scene? Think again as Sarah Channing Wright unleashes a bloody tale that will make you question everything you thought was real…Natasha Scharf, author of ‘The Art Of Gothic’ and ‘Worldwide Gothic’.


Islington Now (26th November 2014)